Dominic Borchers, Vice President

Dominic has been working for Evangelium in multiple facets since 2016. His professional capacities include Consultant, Assistant to the President, Assistant Facilitator, Assistant Trainer, and most recently Content Researcher and Architype.

Bringing over six years of higher education in theology both from Christendom College and St. Patrick’s Seminary and University, Dominic is able to integrate, condense, and make practical higher and more fundamental guiding aspects of the Catholic faith that give clarity to the structure and content of Evangelium’s method and workbook. The combination of his years of experience with many diverse teams along with the years spent in the seminary bring a unique and insightful perspective to all clientele.  

His journey of healing and discernment has born personal fruit that Dominic has been able to add to the robust content of Evangelium, making it more foundationally and spiritually focused. This he has done by spending generous amounts of time in prayer, spiritual direction, study and meditation on Scripture, practical psychology, and spiritual theology, aiding his repertoire for each engagement with Catholic teams.

Other than his passion for organizational health in the Church and helping pastors become the leaders they deeply desire to be, Dominic enjoys other passions/pastimes including road and mountain biking, painting, creative writing, movies, and gardening.

Dominic resides in Denver, Colorado.