Gina Borchers

Gina began working in youth ministry over 30 years ago.  Since then she has taught multiple catechetical classes for students from Kindergarten through high school.  She has hosted Endow women’s study groups, and helped with Walking with Purpose at a local parish. Because of her nursing background, combined with the experience of homeschooling the Borchers children for more than twenty years, Gina also teaches a variety of classes, usually in the sciences, and, does consulting for new homeschooling parents.  For Evangelium, she serves in the role of administrative support.

Gina lives Walnut Creek, CA with her husband Keith and their eight kids.


Evangelium Consulting’s assistance was invaluable in moving toward clear vision and more cohesive teams in our parishes.  Our parish leadership teams were enthusiastic about the skill building that Evangelium provided – it was an overwhelmingly positive experience and most parishes are actually implementing the skills.

– Bishop Timothy Freyer, Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Orange