Mary Ann Wiesinger-Puig

Mary Ann Wiesinger-Puig has worked at the diocesan level for 12 years in a wide range of capacities.  She has served the Directors of Religious Education, worked with the RCIA, helped develop and sustain the Catechist Certification programs, directed schools of formation, and directed a Department for Evangelization and Catechesis.  At every level, her interest in raising leaders and disciples has been at the forefront of her efforts.

Raised in El Paso, Texas, Mary Ann is bilingual and bi-cultural. Throughout her professional career, she has worked hard to provide the same level of excellence in both English and Spanish formation programs. She enjoys teaching in both languages and finds mentoring catechetical/pastoral ministers to be especially fulfilling.

Serving the Church in California has allowed her to experience a wide range of cultures, socio-economic realities, and ecclesiologies, and she feels deeply  that these differences make the Church a more beautiful whole.  Discovering ways to build trust, find common ground, and keep centered on Christ are essential to the mission of the Church.

Mary Ann has been blessed with the opportunity to speak at diocesan catechetical in-services, collaborate with Ascension Press and the Augustine Institute on instructional projects, and offer talks for parishes and various apostolates.

Her particular interests are in the promotion of Discipleship, Catechist Formation, the New Evangelization, Adult Faith Formation, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Discernment of Charisms, and Beauty as a means of communicating the Faith.

Mary Ann and her husband David live in Houston, TX.