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Vulnerability and Boldness: Twin Keys to Leadership

If you want to be an effective Catholic leader, part of a passionate team that bears lots of fruit in a parish, diocese, or other Catholic organization, then you must be vulnerable and you must be bold. Wait a minute – those are two qualities you might not expect to see paired up. Many would say... Read more

How Confusion May Be Hindering your Communication

Teach them to observe all that I have commanded you. Jesus couldn’t have made it much clearer. Without being organizationally healthy, a leadership team—regardless of its specific purpose—will struggle to communicate in clear and Christ-like ways. De-Babel Your Team In the Tower of Babel account we... Read more

Pope Francis And Conflict

For leaders in the Church today Pope Francis can sometimes be an enigma. A sort of cottage industry of journalists and bloggers has flourished in the wake of this prolific and often spontaneous Pope. Recently I read a speech he delivered to the Eucharistic Youth Movement in Italy last August. His... Read more

Peace on Earth; and with my Vendor

I’ll be direct and blunt. You didn’t keep your commitment to me. Can we make peace before Christmas? This was the essence of an email I sent this morning, out of a desire to hold a potential vendor who happens to also be a friend accountable, and for the sake of peace in time for Christmas. It was... Read more