We exist to maximize your organizational health for greater apostolic impact.

Our clients include dioceses, parishes, schools, orders & apostolates

Simplicity. Clarity. Fruitfulness.

And the joy and dynamism of effective teamwork.

Every leader desires these things, and it's likely we can help you get there.  Evangelium Consulting Group helps leaders implement a simple, virtue-based, and practical approach to organizational health so that you and your leadership team can increase the effectiveness of your organization and your work. Ultimately, we do this to help Catholic organizations better cooperate with the Lord’s work of making disciples, as grace builds on nature.

What we do best:

(1) We help create behaviorally and spiritually healthy team environments, with minimal politics and confusion and high levels of morale and productivity. (We’ll even help establish a team if one isn't in place).

(2) We introduce a method for discerning and clarifying organizational identity, mission, vision, focus and planning that will maximize and sustain your efforts. We find that “if everything is important, nothing is important.”

(3) We present simple and effective meeting strategies that produce concrete results;

(4) We help you improve systemic communication and processes having to do with people — recruitment, training, managing staff and volunteers, and discipline — so that your clarity and cohesion are infused into everything you do.

If you or your organization could benefit from what we offer, connect with us here to learn more.